How to repair and to fix WordPress when there is some problem€¦

How to repair and to fix WordPress when there is some problem€¦

Been damaged your has data base of WordPress? Does Some plugin cause that your Web does not work? You can't accede to the administration because you have forgotten your password or email? You need to move your page to a subdirectory or another domain?

These are the typical tasks of repair and maintenance of WordPress pages with which many users usually have problems.

Backup copies of WordPress

If your page has become your tool of work you will have given account that is very necessary to create backup copies of all your WordPress installation. We advised to you that you do this with certain regularity because although is certain that the lodging companies weekly make automatic copies of all your daily servant or, we did not recommend to you that you are in its hands before a disaster. In tasks of WordPress maintenance we recommended to you that you try that everything depends on less possible you and of third parties, especially before situations critics.

To make complete backup copies of WordPress is very easy, you can do it with plugin Duplicator. This tool we have proven it and works of luxury, not only it does a complete backup copy to you of files and data base, if not that in addition allows you to make an installation in another public or local servant being changed URLs of all the contents.

We have proven others plugins for backup copy creation and have found problems in all the cases. Some plugins allow to create copies but soon they raise some type of problematic for the restoration.

If you choose a method of backup for your data assures to you that it works, that is to say, you must create backup copies and recover them from time to time to certify that everything has been made correctly. He is quite typical to make backup copies and the day that is a disaster it is not possible to recover the data because the endorsements fail.

To reinstate WordPress in another servant or another URL

This is another one of the tasks of WordPress maintenance more habitual than they request many companies to us. In order to move location a WordPress installation, for example if we want it to install in a subdirectory, we must go again to plugin Duplicator that we have mentioned previously. This tool to create a copy of all the data and at the time of installation will allow us to update the routes of all the contents.

He is recommendable to raise of WordPress version and plugins?

Before updating WordPress or his plugins we recommended to make a backup copy in case something fails. We have already seen in several occasions how some company updates its Web to the new version of WordPress and something stops working. In the case of the update of some plugin usually is not so critical, if plugin fails erased it or deactivated and soon we installed a older version. The problem comes when we updated WordPress and something stops working, this yes is critical because we will not be able to return to leave the Web as it were before the update unless we have a backup copy.

How I can accede to WordPress when there am lost the user and password?

All they enter the cold sweat when we forgot our password and name administration user and reason why it is we do not have access to the email that would allow us to use the option to remember password. This situation has quite easy remedy and in addition if we have access to the Control Panel of the lodging Web, in particular we will need to accede to the panel of phpMyAdmin, that is the tool Web with which we can manage the data base of our WordPress page. We accede to phpMyAdmin, we selected the table of users that usually is wp_users and soon punctured To examine. We will see a listing with all the users available and certainly we will recognize ours. We publish the row of our user puncturing the button of the pencil and soon we changed to the email putting the one that we want to use to recover the password. Once facts the changes we go to the page of login of WordPress, we pressed the option there are lost the password? we introduce the email and voil¡! An email with the new password will arrive to us.

They have hackeado my Web, I cannot accede and are publishing indecent things

When they hackean a Web is necessary to act of specific and different form in each case, nevertheless there is something general that yes you can do so that the hacker does not interfere while you try to repair the installation.

It is a simple solution: a file consists of putting the Web in group of forty placing .htaccess in the root of the site or in the directory wp-admin with a directive of protection by means of user and password that is over WordPress, since she is Apache who provides this method of security. The normal thing is that you can do it because when hackean a Web access FTP continues working and will have access to the file system of the Web server to add this .htaccess. Within the file it is necessary to indicate several parameters to leave everything formed, consults to us if you need help.


WordPress developer: Advantages to contract a WordPress professional

WordPress developer: Advantages to contract a WordPress professional

A WordPress developer you can facilitate the life if or you have a blog or Web realised in this tool and need to make some personalisation in design or functions as which we mentioned to you next:

  • Modification of the subject. This is one of the tasks to which it resorts most frequently to a WordPress developer. Most habitual it is to modify the styles of the subject, to create a new one warms up to you to place a lateral bar, to change to the style of the menu or head, the bottom, etc. How many times it happens that we began to work with a subject and want that the menu, footer or the head do something so they are not preparations. This is very habitual and for that reason it is gone to a WordPress developer, so that it makes the opportune modifications in archives HTML, CSS, JS or PHP.
  • To create a design responsive. Perhaps you have an installed subject that it is not adapted to movable devices and your users become crazy whenever they sail by your page because they must use scroll and the zoom lens constantly. A WordPress developer can do this if in addition to programming knows model-making HTML5/CSS3, we we can cause that your subject has a design responsive. If you want more information on the matter reads this article.
  • Tasks of WordPress maintenance. To move of servant a blog, to create backup copies, to clean and to start up a blog after being attacked, safely to update the subject, plugins or WordPress.
  • Modification of plugins. If there is something really difficult for a programmer is to modify the written source code on the other person. This is as everything, if what we want to modify he is something basic can be simple but we want to modify something structural or functional the work can be really complex and to require long time for its accomplishment. Plugin is an application that can be composed by hundreds of lines of code source in PHP, Javascript and HTML/CSS. To get to understand how everything is realised and as it is connected can take weeks of work for that reason often it is easier to develop plugin from zero. If the only thing that we want is to touch the styles of plugin almost certainly will be a task easy of doing.
  • Creation of plugins. This is a complex work that it requires to know the internal architecture WordPress. To develop plugins requires a profile very technician with greater domain of the programming that of the design and is necessary to handle the three programming languages with which WordPress is constructed: PHP, Javascript and SQL for all that with data bases. In addition knowledge of model-making HTML/CSS are required, according to what it is being developed will be necessary to know model-making more or less. For example, if we are developing plugin responsive so that it works in mobiles and tablets yes knowledge advanced in model-making HTML/CSS will be necessary to have some. The great utility to develop plugins to size is that we can equip to our webpage of any functionality that is happened to us and that does not exist in plugin of existing in the market or repositorio the official of WordPress.
  • Creation of a WordPress subject to size. This task is of most complex and usually has little demand, but from time to time some client needs to size create a subject from a design that is preparation previously in Photoshop.

If you need a WordPress developer he contacts with us.

WordPress for company. What advantages have for my business?

WordPress for company. What advantages have for my business?

WordPress is the best tool than it can have a company to promote his activity in Internet. It has great advantages, next we are going to enumerate most outstanding:

  • It is a gratuitous tool, it is not necessary to pay to unload it or to use it.
  • It is the CMS or manager of contents more extended at present. One of each five pages Webs in the world is done in WordPress, at the moment is the standard in websites.
  • It allows to create autogestionables webpages, that is to say, you yourself you can update the contents: to publish texts, images, to add new pages, et cetera.
  • It serves to also create enterprise webpages and blogs.
  • It incorporates blog. With a blog you can write articles of any thematic one and the users can write commentaries on articles, which produces an interaction between very beneficial company and visitors.
  • User profiles exist, being able to assign concrete privileges each.
  • A WordPress page never remains short, exist more than 30,000 plugins gratuitous ready to unload in repositorio official. These plugins add new functions to your Web which allows to have an alive and expandable page.
  • Designs of group: WordPress feeds on subjects or groups that are the element that puts face to your page. There are designs on architecture, restaurants, schools, corporative, in short, all the thematic ones that you can imagine. This allows you to create a page with a really attractive design without needing making a great economic investment, because these 40 groups come to cost about ‚¬.
  • Development to size: if you need to develop a concrete function for your WordPress page that you do not find in the market you can find developer to program that function. If you need a WordPress developer contacts with us.
  • SEO: WordPress is a semantic publication tool, is designed and thought SEO and to position as well as possible in finders. Installing some plugins and doing some very concrete configurations you can obtain a very high SEO what will bring many visitors to your Web.
  • Multiidioma: WordPress allows you to create webpages in different languages, gives equal if he is European, Asian or of any other continent.
  • Social networks: installing plugins adapted you can add social bellboys to all the contents of your page so that your visitors share your contents in their profiles and that of that form your brand is made more quickly popular.
  • A WordPress page can serve to you to publish the news, events, articles of any thematic one, you can assign passwords so that certain articles are only seen by that you want.
  • With a WordPress page you can sell in Internet. If you want to do simple product sale, without control of stock, management of orders, form manual you can install some Paypal bellboys who are going to allow to you to sell of direct form and very easily simple with a tool that you take in forming 30 minutes. If you want to do more complex sale exists WooCommerce that is a store online in format of plugin, although always we recommended to create a professional store online to use tools as Prestashop.
  • You can install a chat to communicate in line with the visitors Web and to clarify his doubts at the moment, to give to prices or even support.
  • If you have companies interested in inserting publicity in your webpage you are of luck, because they exist different plugins that they allow you to manage publicity within your WordPress page.
  • Reservations system. They exist different plugins to create reservations systems within your webpage. This is thought for rural restaurants, hotels, lodgings, fairs and congresses, etc.
  • Bulletins of newsletter and by email electronic publicity. These interesting options are also to your reach with very little effort and economic investment.

This list of advantages does not finish here because she is infinite, this is the universe WordPress, an endless place!

How to create a professional webpage economic with blog and list to use, apt for movable devices

How to create a professional webpage economic with blog and list to use, apt for movable devices

To see demo

Now it is possible to have a professional page by 249‚¬, Corporative Ecs-Technology is called and here you can see demo. In Ecs-Technology we offer this exclusive product to you with ready structure and contents to use. We make the installation and home, we gave the access to you to the Control Panel and from you are in charge there to work the contents.

Corporative Ecs-Technology has the following characteristics:

  • Page realised in a standard CMSWordPressOne of each five Webs in the world is done with this powerful tool.
  • Responsive has design, that is to say, it adapts to mobiles and tablets.
  • He is administrable: You can change texts, photos, add or clear pages, to change the data of contact, etc.
  • It incorporates blog: You can create articles on your activity, the newsevents, etc.
  • It incorporates tools SEO: If it matters to you search engine optimization you will not find anything better.
  • It includes ready structure and contents to use. This Web has the typical texts that does not desire to you to write or that you do not know how to structure and to focus. Well, you have it here all preparation, generic texts in some sections and other fictitious texts are included that you must replace. All ready one so that you work and you think less possible.
  • It includes photographic slider. With this strange name we talked about to the tool that shows a pass of photographies in home.
  • It includes professional photographies: You can use, eliminate or add yours.
  • Social networks: It includes up to 13 I connect to tie the Web to your social networks.
  • To share in social networks: All the pages and articles I include social bellboys likes and To share so that your contents are shared in the social networks of your visitors.
  • Form of contact. The form can be formed to change the email where the consultations must arrive, can even be added to a second or third email of destiny. Also it is possible to add or to clear fields to the form.
  • Plane of situation with Google Maps. You only must put the direction of your company in a text field and the map will be placed automatically.
  • Formative videos: 16 videos are included that explain to you how to form the page and to manage the contents in case you have some doubt or problem.
  • It incorporates the policy of cookies. The law forces to create this policy to the webpages that install cookies in the navigator of the user, therefore is necessary to make political happiness and to warn the usuary one on this subject.
  • Expandable page by means of plugins: Your Web never will remain short thanks to than 30,000 plugins gratuitous the more existing in the official page.

It desires to see demo to You of Corporative Artisan Web?

To see demo
Course of promotion in Internet and stores online in Valdemoro

Course of promotion in Internet and stores online in Valdemoro

Next the 20 of March we will in center distribute a course on promotion of businesses in Internet and stores online of Companies of Valdemoro, with the support of the Council of Commerce and Use of the City council of the locality.

The course will be distributed in the schedule of 15 ' 00h to 17 ' 00h thinking especially about the retailers and must as objective present different forms to promote a business in Internet. For it terms and tools as blogs will be explained, webpages, HTML5, Flash, SEO, SEM, analytical and traffic Web, etc.

The second part of the course will be destined completely to the electronic commerce. It will be spoken of the different tools for creation from stores online, problematic habitual, advice and recommendations, etc.

In the course orientative prices of creation of blogs will be mentioned, webpages, stores online and campaigns SEO so that the assistants have an approximated idea of costs.

Given the practical character of the course it will be tried that the participants can teach their webpage to us of company or lies down online with the purpose of to verify what is present at have in Internet and if he is improvable.

The course is gratuitous and is directed to companies, commerces, independent, enterprising and professional of any scope.

In order to go to this course it is necessary to register calling to the Ram³n Areces Center, the data are:

  • Telephone: 91 809 9680
  • Person of contact: Elsa


To create blog company It can help to promote and to publicize my business?

To create blog company It can help to promote and to publicize my business?

The main utility to create a company blog is to publicize products and services that are offer by means of the interaction with the users of the page.

A blog is the best tool than it exists to harness the SEO of your page, that is to say, search engine optimization. Pon a blog in your page and you will see little at least are increasing to the visits and in this way the possibilities of catching new clients.

The main motivation of a blog must be the quality article publication, that is of interest for the visitors. Don't mention it serves to publish catalogue of my company, 2 — 1, supplies, promotions, because the so direct publicity is not going to interest my users, first I must gain his confidence and empathy by means of the utility article creation.

The reason that the blog positions very well in finders is that they act as an encyclopedia, full a text article set and keywords that are the favorite food of the finders. For that reason the volume is important, whatever more articles greater amount and variety of traffic we will be able to capture.

If you have a company or business and you want to promote it in Internet with an advertising investment that never disappears bet by a blog. Any standard advertising formula will allow you to have visibility in Internet while you are paying, but at the moment that you stop paying you will disappear. For that reason always we advised to the companies, independent and SMEs generally that bet by a blog, because although it requires many working hours is a gratuitous advertising formula that does not vanish. It is as being in a rent house or having it in property.

It contacts with us if you need advising on the matter.

If you want to read another article exceeds how and where to create a blog we left the connection here you.


To adapt Web to mobiles and tablets: Impossible Mission?

To adapt Web to mobiles and tablets: Impossible Mission?

To adapt your webpage to mobiles, tablets, smartphones, ipad, iphone, android, etc., is something that you can make if accounts with a professional in design and model-making CSS3. To this type of design responsive is denominated to him, we left another related article here you.

Often they ask if it is necessary to have two versions of the same Web, one for computers and another one to us for movable devices. If the Web well is realised and designed it is not necessary, the HTML of the pages is the same and what varies are styles CSS, which must define well-known the average query to fit layout of the pages based on the width of the device. Really: if you have a designed good Web you do not need two versions.

I can adapt my present Web to mobiles and tablets?

If your page is realised in HTML, maquetada in layers and with relative positioning it is very possible that yes it is possible to be adapted. If on the contrary it is realised in Flash or maquetada with tables instead of layers or absolute positioning it is rather more difficult, consult to us if you need a technical opinion.

If your page this moderately done well simply becomes congested a file to him .CSS at the end of the head that rewrites the present rules of style of the page, adapting it to the different widths from device.

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the rendering of the HTML to create containers or paternal adapters and this it can complicate the work, mainly if the page generates dynamic content.


Prestashop maintenance for companies. Prices and orientativas tariffs

Prestashop maintenance for companies. Prices and orientativas tariffs

Different options exist to contract a maintenance of a store online Prestashop. The maintenance tasks that usually make lack are optimizations SEO, to realise adjustments of style and design, to generate statistics, to watch stock, to update product information, et cetera. The client usually is in charge of some of these tasks but of all, as for example the SEO and is not then when they go to a company as ours.

As far as the prices and orientativas tariffs on Prestashop maintenance he depends on the amount of tasks to realise. One of the most habitual forms of work is to buy bags of hours and they are used to demand of the client. These are some reasonable orientative prices:

  • Stock market of 5 hours: 35‚¬/hora
  • Stock market of 10 hours: 30‚¬/hora

Here we left to another article with prices and tariffs you of maintenance Web.


How to order or to create a webpage or blog of rural lodging

How to order or to create a webpage or blog of rural lodging

If you want to create or to order your webpage on lodging or rural tourism to a professional Web or company of development you do not lose this article. We are going to give some orientative recommendations, costs and examples to you of groups that you can use to create your page of rural lodging.

One of the things that more emphasizes in the scope of the rural tourism is the so attractive design usually they have advertising pamphlets, logos and photographies. Usually they are acclimated in the nature, mountains, cabins of wood, stone buildings, rustic furniture, etc. All this material graph usually has quality enough and is the part that fools and animates to people to make rural tourism. By the view everything enters, there is nothing as an attractive design and a good presentation of the lodging to cause that people want to visit it. And this not only is applied to the material in advertising paper but also must move to the webpage. In this sense often it fails the part of design Web. There is wonderful lodging rural that they have an old webpage, without design, anything attractive, realised in Flash, that correctly does not visualize in mobiles nor tablets, with photographies in low quality, nothing of this help to sell our rural lodging. And most peculiar it is than the advertising pamphlets yes have that necessary quality. This usually happens because the client goes to the company of graphical design in charge of the publicity and this one does not have experience in design Web, them has not arrived the moment for recycle itself and for adapting to the present times.

For that reason we insisted much on which the webpage must be impeccable because it is the best digital advertising platform of our business. Everything must begin or to finish in our Web, our page must be the origin or the destiny of any promotional activity. If we do publicity in social networks always is necessary to connect or to aim at the content of the Web. If we created contents in our Web, articles of blog, photographies, videos, etc., all this material must be sent to the social networks to increase the promotional viralizaci³n of our brand.

Therefore, it is fundamental to know clearly that your webpage is going to be your main digital promotional platform and is necessary to mainly give the importance him that is deserved and of taking care of the contents. We will try to place images of good quality, in many occasions is not necessary not even to have a professional camera, but, simply to take a photo in good conditions. At the time of raising the images our Web we will try that they appear pixeladas neither become blurred, nor in low resolution nor anything of the sort, we will try that they appear with a good quality because the image is the one that better is going to speak of our product.

Fundamental: we must incorporate videos of our rural lodging. The video, nowadays, is very extended and is a great form to position better our page in finders. The best thing is to raise the video to make publicity directly there and of step that video we connected it in our webpage. This integration of a video of YouTube in our webpage is very simple to do, is much more easy than it seems. Because I cannot have the video lodged in my webpage? Because it consumes very many bandwidth and it requires great technical resources in the servant. It is far better to have the video in YouTube because there they have sufficient means so that it can at a high speed be visualized, of immediate form, without hardly time of load. But since we have shelp before, you do not worry to raise any video YouTube because you can integrate them in your Web of very easy form copying and sticking a small alphanumeric code that provides YouTube to you.

Nothing better than a video to teach how it is your rural lodging on the inside, by outside, even cultural the tourist attractions that there are by the zone. It remembers in your webpage not only you can place the videos that you record, you can place any video that exists in YouTube.

Shelp this next we are going to show some webpages to you of group that you can use to create your Web on rural lodging. These are WordPress groups, the best tool with the one than you can create and administer your professional Web. If you want to know what cost can have to create a Web of this type we left a connection here you to another article where prices and orientativas tariffs are mentioned.

Groups Web on sector tourism:

Blog and Web for sector tourism, trips and adventure The Lost World

Blog and Web for sector tourism, trips and adventure The Lost World

Blog and Web for sector tourism, trips and Midway adventure

Blog and Web for sector tourism, trips and Midway adventure

Web for hotels, spa and Nice restaurants Hotel

Web for hotels, spa and Nice restaurants Hotel
How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO

How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO

Recently it contacted with us a proprietor of a business that was very worried because its store online of lingerie did not work and it did not sell. The store was realised in Prestashop and after making a situation analysis we realized of which their products were not in Internet, did not have no type of configuration SEO and therefore they did not appear in the web search engines. This one was the main reason that this store did not sell.

Surprising we saw that other stores realised in Prestashop had the same problem. The error is not in the Prestashop tool, but, in the person who has started up the store and has registered products. And in fact this is happening rather often because the people who start up the stores online Prestashop do not have the necessary knowledge, for that reason we always insisted on going to professional and specialized companies or developers in Prestashop.

Due to this experience, it seemed to us opportune to write an article that could help the people who have a store online Prestashop. Next we are going to teach to you to form the SEO correctly so that your products are indexed by the web search engines with the aim of securing more sales, we go there!

  1. It enters the panel of administration of Prestashop.
  2. We go to Preferences, SEO and URLsHow to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  3. We will see a quite long page, we down go to the section Configuration of the connections. Assure to assign the same values to you that those that you see in this image, soon beat To keep: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  4. We are going to publish a product any. It sees Catalogue, Products.
  5. Anyone publishes a product, you will see something similar to this: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  6. It punctures the eyelash SEO. You will see the fields SEO of the article. If they are empty east article is not positioning to you in finders and is almost as not having it in catalogue. How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  7. We fill up Goal title with the title of the article. A maximum of 60 characters is recommended.
  8. We fill up Goal description with the description of the product. A maximum of 160 characters is recommended.
  9. Goal key words. Keywords is not necessary to position in finders, are used for other different intentions, therefore we recommended to you that you do not fill up them if you want to save an important work. Despite if you want to put them you must write a list of not more than 20 words than they represent isolated properties of the product. You do not write strange tildes nor characters that are not present in the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, yes you can use the n. It tries not to repeat words. It moderately uses articles (of, etc), you do not write phrases of more than two or three words. Either words that comprise of another already written previously, as equipmentequipment. In this product example we have put the following thing: ipod, mini, 16 gb, target, Apple, reproducer, mp3, portable, music, device.
  10. Friendly URL. Normally already it will appear automatically, you can press the button to generate so that it calculates it again. The important thing is that it contains the title of the article, without tildes, nor n, nor nothing of the sort. They can appear numbers.
  11. We go to the eyelash Product Information. You will see a field down Labels, pon there the same labels that you put in Goal key words. Finally it beats in Keeping and you do the same with the rest of articles from your catalogue.
  12. Now we go to Catalogue, Categories. It will appear the listing of categories, it publishes one anyone, you will see a page as this one: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  13. In Description we must place a text describing the category.
  14. More down we will see the three fields Goal: title, description and words. We filled up them following the same directives that in Products. NOTE: In the field Goal words you must write one comma (,) after each word so that it includes it correctly.
  15. The friendly connection will appear filled up automatically. We already can keep and now only it is to repeat the process with the rest of categories.
  16. He is a little heavy but now it is necessary to do the same with Manufacturers. Fix you to the image, you must fill up a short description and another long one. Underneath you will see the fields goal that there is to fill up since we did previously. We keep and we repeated the process with the rest of manufacturers. How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  17. Idem with Suppliers.
  18. Images: The product photos can improve the SEO remarkably if beams the things good. It dates account that Google is not able to recognize the content of an image, it does not know if in her there is a soccer player or a flower, for that reason looks for the text information that accompanies to the image. This text can be specified doing the following thing:
    A) The name of the file must be friendly and must contain the keywords by which you want to position. You do not use img_3445.jpg, you would have to use bicicleta-grande-orbea.jpg.
    B) The images have two interesting attributes for SEO: title and alt. Both attributes fill up automatically from version 1.5, you can change to this behavior publishing the group file product-list.tpl located in the directory of the subject. You do what you do assures to you that indeed these attributes have been filled up correctly as we are going to explain in the following step.
  19. Verification of which everything I have been made correctly. We need a navigator with inspector elements: Chrome or Firefox. If you do not have it installs it and if you already have it opens it your store and it sails until a product in which you have assigned the SEO.
  20. Kitchen mhelp with the right button of the mouse on the bottom of the page, will appear options, selects To inspect element. We will see that down SUNDAY or source code is opened to a window with HTML of the page, you will see that there is much information, are labels in English, numbers, symbols, something overwhelming, almost monstrous! How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  21. All this information is hierarchized, you will see that to the left of the labels there is an icon with triangle form that serves to open/to close the information nodes, as if he was an explorer of archives. We are going search the label <html>, soon <head> and in his interior they would have to appear the three labels goal that as much importance they have: <meta name=€ title€ > or <title><meta name=€ description€ > and <meta name=€ keywords€ >
  22. Within these labels content would have to appear the attribute that it contains the words SEO that we have written in the panel of Prestashop. In the case of <title> it does not own this attribute, in its place it will appear the title of the product locked up between the labels <title> and </title>. If in all these fields we see the words that we wrote previously in the panel of Prestashop will mean that we have applied the configuration correctlyHow to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  23. We have finished€¦. Noooo€¦. Lack a last detail. Without leaving this page we will puncture the photo of the product with the right button of the mouse, we selected To inspect element. Now we accede to the source code of the image, it is a label <img>, it is selected with blue bottom. In its interior we will see how the attributes alt and title have assigned the title of the product, which demonstrates to us that the SEO has been placed correctly in this image.How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  24. This process of verification would be necessary to realise it on all the elements to which we have applied SEO in the panel of Prestashop: products and their images, categories, manufacturers and suppliers. As you will see the work of a specialist in SEO can be quite hard if we have in hand a catalogue with several hundreds of products.