When we spoke to renew, to update or to alter a WordPress blog normally we talked about to the aspect, that is to say, the design. To alter a blog to change substantially its aspect is simple if we published his style sheets CSS. With knowledge of model-making and design Web in CSS we can make very great aspect changes with little effort. For it is necessary to contact with a professional who knows to do it, consults to us if you need a developer.

The type of adjustments that can be done in a blog is for example:

  • To change the typography. To choose a fresh, elegant typography and little view is very simple thanks to services as Google Fonts. To change the type in a blog gives an air him of important renovation. We advised in addition that you put a great size, 14px to you as minimum because it is what one takes now thinking about movable devices.
  • To change the trowel of colors.
  • To change the bottom, if he is smooth him you can put texture and if it already has it you can put to him smooth.
  • Photographies: The images consume much visual surface in your blog, therefore, they must have quality and they must be showy. You can buy some professional stock photography and replace them by which there are at the moment in your home. You have good photos of payment in fotolia.com, photodune.net or freepik.es

There are many other options to renew your blog, as to change the subject although it is not recommendable because you will lose many configurations. Consultation to a professional of the design of blogs and Webs so that it helps you with the adjustments.

Finally we remembered you that you do not have to limit you the design, also you can add new functionalities thanks to more than 27,000 plugins than they exist for WordPress.