In this article we are going to give orientative prices to you on the cost that it has to develop a webpage. First of all we must indicate the factors that can cause that the price is greater or smaller:

  • Design Web: design to size or design of group. To create a webpage is as buying a suit: if purchases a suit already made always will be economic than to buy a suit made by a tailor. We used design of group because he is much more economic and he allows the client to see the result before ordering the work, but by the needs of your project you need almost always that the design is customized this will remarkably increase the cost of the project.
  • Manager of contents. This tool is fundamental nowadays so that you yourself you can update the contents of your Web. There are times that the developer gives to this tool and other times no, this affects remarkably to the price.
  • Maintenance Web. There are companies that force to pay a quota to maintain your webpage, this would have to be something optional but in any case this task if somebody realises it has a cost that there is to pay.
  • Programming to size. In some cases the project Web requires to realise specific functions that there are to program to size, as a zone of private access. Logically this increases the price of the project.

The orientative prices that we can give you on the basis of these factors are the following:

A) Corporative webpage:

  • Design of group.
  • Sections: Home, Who we are, Blog or the News, Products and services, where we are (with Google Maps), form of contact.
  • Manager of contents.
  • There is no programming to size.
  • Price: Between 350 and 500 Euros.
  • Price maintenance Web: 25‚¬/mes. In order to update photos weekly the news.

B) Just as To but with these additions:

  • Module of newsletter to send publicity post office.
  • Integration and publication in social networks.
  • Multiidioma.
  • Price: Between 500 and 700 ‚¬.

C) Just as To but with design to size, price: Between 1,500 and 3500 ‚¬.

D) Store online.

  • To create store and home.
  • To register 20 products.
  • To create hierarchy of products, attributes and properties.
  • Basic rules of business, mainly the shipment.
  • Price: Between 600 and 900 ‚¬.