A WordPress developer you can facilitate the life if or you have a blog or Web realised in this tool and need to make some personalisation in design or functions as which we mentioned to you next:

  • Modification of the subject. This is one of the tasks to which it resorts most frequently to a WordPress developer. Most habitual it is to modify the styles of the subject, to create a new one warms up to you to place a lateral bar, to change to the style of the menu or head, the bottom, etc. How many times it happens that we began to work with a subject and want that the menu, footer or the head do something so they are not preparations. This is very habitual and for that reason it is gone to a WordPress developer, so that it makes the opportune modifications in archives HTML, CSS, JS or PHP.
  • To create a design responsive. Perhaps you have an installed subject that it is not adapted to movable devices and your users become crazy whenever they sail by your page because they must use scroll and the zoom lens constantly. A WordPress developer can do this if in addition to programming knows model-making HTML5/CSS3, we we can cause that your subject has a design responsive. If you want more information on the matter reads this article.
  • Tasks of WordPress maintenance. To move of servant a blog, to create backup copies, to clean and to start up a blog after being attacked, to safely update the subject, plugins or WordPress.
  • Modification of plugins. If there is something really difficult for a programmer is to modify the written source code on the other person. This is as everything, if what we want to modify he is something basic can be simple but we want to modify something structural or functional the work can be really complex and to require long time for its accomplishment. Plugin is an application that can be composed by hundreds of lines of code source in PHP, Javascript and HTML/CSS. To get to understand how everything is realised and as it is connected can take weeks of work for that reason often it is easier to develop plugin from zero. If the only thing that we want is to touch the styles of plugin almost certainly will be a task easy of doing.
  • Creation of plugins. This is a complex work that it requires to know the internal architecture WordPress. To develop plugins requires a profile very technician with greater domain of the programming that of the design and is necessary to handle the three programming languages with which WordPress is constructed: PHP, Javascript and SQL for all that with data bases. In addition knowledge of model-making HTML/CSS are required, according to what it is being developed will be necessary to know model-making more or less. For example, if we are developing plugin responsive so that it works in mobiles and tablets yes knowledge advanced in model-making HTML/CSS will be necessary to have some. The great utility to develop plugins to size is that we can equip to our webpage of any functionality that is happened to us and that does not exist in plugin of existing in the market or repositorio the official of WordPress.
  • Creation of a WordPress subject to size. This task is of most complex and usually has little demand, but from time to time some client needs to size create a subject from a design that is preparation previously in Photoshop.

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