We offer a pack to you of 100 professional groups email to send to newsletter or campaigns of email-marketing of general intention. They have an elegant and clean design, ideal for businesses, notifications of events, reminders, electronic commerce, etc. Kitchen mhelp this connection to see demo.

Altogether they are 100 archives HTML, 20 layouts, 5 schemes of color and 361 icons in different sizes.

The groups you are composed by interchangeable rows of content to each other, which will allow you to generate layouts additional.

The bellboys for the calls to the action are realised in HTML, you will not need Photoshop to publish them.

These groups have been proven in the clients of mail and extended systems of webmail more: Thunderbird, Outlook (version 6 including), iOS Mail, IE8, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, GMail, Yahoo, Outlook.

In addition 361 icons (in png with transparency) adapted to the 5 schemes of color and several sizes are included (16—16, 24—24, 32—32, 48—48, 64—64) so that it does not lack don't mention it at the time of creating your group.

This pack of groups we have created it and we sell it by only 29.90‚¬. It realises the payment by Paypal and we will send the unloading connection to you.

[nicepaypallite name=€ Lima Soul: 100 29,90 groups of newsletter€ amount=€ €³]