First that you must know it is if you must fulfill or not with the norm of cookies in Spain. The factors to consider are:

1. If your webpage is destined to the Spanish market.

2. If your page is of professional or commercial character.

3. If your page stores cookies in the navigator of the user.

If your activity fits yes with these requirements then you must fulfill the normative one on the cookies. For it you must modify your Web so that it shows a warning the user, to ask for his direct consent or indirect, etc. If your page is done with WordPress you have it very easy since we have created plugin gratuitous to start up the policy of cookies in 5 minutes, we left the connection here you.

If your page is not done with WordPress, it is developed to size or with another CMS consult to us and we prepared budget to you.

Next we left other articles you that we have written on the law of cookies and how to fulfill it: