To send emails from a WordPress page seems a simple task but many companies of lodging lie down to restrict our spaces Web of such form that cannot do something that leaves the normal thing.

One assumes mainly that to send post office is a basic necessity for a webpage but until that it usually they limit, if we have contracted a lodging plan excessively cheap.

When we created webpages always we found limitations in the lodgings of the clients and in this case the restriction of shipment of post office prevents us to have operative a contact form so that our users can send messages to us from the Web.

We have found a very interesting solution through plugin call WP Mail smtp that allows us to form WordPress so that it sends all the post office by means of smtp instead of to send them by means of the function mail of PHP that uses the agent of mail predetermined in Linux, that usually is Sendmail, QMail, etc. Shipment smtp usually is allowed in practically all the plans of hosting because it reduces very many the possibilities of making Spam, that it is what the lodging companies want to avoid.

It installs this plugin, it forms the parameters of your account smtp and all you will have it ready and without problems!