If you are thinking to create a virtual store you must know some questions that are fundamental to be successful in your project, we are going them to you to keep awake next.

First of them it is to use a tool or standard software of electronic commerce. We recommended flexible and gratuitous Prestashop to you because he is powerful! and it has an intuitive Control Panel and easy to use for users nontechnicians. We insist much on using tools standard because sometimes our clients have used propietary systems realised by the development company that goes away to make position of the project. This is a very serious error, any propietary software is not due to use because it establishes an unbreakable relation towards that company of development and what it interests to us is to have developed a virtual store online in a standard and opened system that any professional Web can maintain. We know cases clients who had differences with the developer and they realized that totally was tied because he had programmed it, only he knew it internally and it was not arranged to install it in another servant different from his, or if it were arranged were very difficult that another programmer continued with the project. This is a kidnapping computer science in all rule.

The second question that you must know is the cost that has this type of developments, at least of approximate form because each company has its criteria of costs. Next we left an article you where we indicated prices and tariffs for creation of virtual stores, thus you will be able to have an approximated idea of the investment.

Third. You are going to have stock? The normal thing is that yes but there are stores that do not want or they cannot have stock and they are forced to produce the merchandise as they are it selling through the Web. The virtual sale without stock facilitates the work, you do not need a warehouse or zone to store product, even allows you to directly send the product from the distributor to the final client, but it forces to you to establish downtimes much majors and this not always likes to the buyer.

Fourth: Commissions. If you are going to sell by means of a banking footbridge of payment in your Web or Paypal you must know clearly that these services acquire commission. Paypal allows an integration you of the system of payment through the much more easy Web that offered by a bank but the commissions they are majors much. With Paypal we are speaking of 3% and with a bank we spoke of 1%, even less if good it fights and you sell much. You must know that Paypal also admits banking cards, although the buyer must have a Paypal account.