We dedicated ourselves to the design of webpages for companies of Madrid, especially in the South zone of Madrid. In this service inclu­mos the creation of a new and original design in Photoshop to create all the sections or pages of the website to design.

If the client also requires it we can make the model-making HTML5 and CSS3 that would be the final step to start up the visible part of a website.

In order to realise the design Web we needed to have a clear idea of the structure that is also required for the website and of the contents of each page. It is necessary to know if it is wanted to maquetar to 12 columns or to 16 or any other size or system of grid nowadays very used for the design Web.

With regard to the typographies it is important to know what typographies nonstandard are wanted to use in the design and what system will be used to implement them, right now we have these options:

  • Google Fonts. It is the best option since it allows to use compatible creative typographies with all the navigators, including many old ones. In addition this service is gratuitous.
  • Fontface. This is a CSS3 property that allows to include the physical files of source (OTF, .TTF, etc) within the Web. For it the navigator must support CSS3 and in some navigators the renderizado one does not include smoothed in the edges. This technique will be used in the long term.
  • Cufon. It is in disuse but still it is used. Here the typographies are included as archives within the Web and this bookstore Javascript are in charge to draw each letter transforming it into an image.