There are shortage a small jewel, is plugin gratuitous call Go Live that allows to change in real time all the URL of a WordPress site.

Why it can make lack? Very easy. imagines that you develop a Web WordPress and you install it in a subdirectory in the Web of your client, for example. Now the problem which you face is that you need to transfer that Web to the root of the website and it is not enough with which you copy the archives, is necessary to modify whole YOU to replace all the URLs that appear in all the tables, some URLs are serializadas, others in flat text, in short, a delicate task as you can imagine. We recommended two options to you:

  1. To use Duplicator, you create an image of the Web lodged in the subdirectory, flocks everything and you install it in the root, would be as making an installation of zero. If you do not know Duplicator you must know that it creates two archives to you (.php and .zip) where it keeps all a Web WordPress, as much archives as YOU and when installing allows to change all the URL automatically you. The only problem to use Duplicator is that sometimes the servant does not have the permissions adapted in the folders or the Web has a very great volume, in these cases is better to go to the second option.
  2. Another option is to use Go Live. This plugin gratuitous changes all the URL of your website, it requests the old URL to you ( and you must put the new one ( Next you only must transfer the archives of the subdirectory new-Web to the root. In this case it is necessary to make sure to copy all either, .htaccess, the permissions of the folders must be or assigned, etc. we left the connection Here this magnificent plugin.


EYE! In this necessity that also arose to us we proved another one plugin for the same called assignment Velvet Blue Update and failed resoundingly, some urls modified them and another no, well-taken care of!