If you have a hairdressing salon or you are going it to start up and you want to create your webpage, in this article we are going to give a series to you of recommendations, prices and orientativas tariffs to help you to approach your project.

We are going to speak envelope how you must focus the Web and how you must find a professional or company of development that your webpage realises. We did not recommend to you that you make your own page by means of a gratuitous service (1—1, wix, etc.) or of low cost because we think that this product type does not offer a good quality and are not going to give a professional and attractive image to your business. To have your own page realised by a professional can suppose about to you 500 ‚¬ but as of that moment the maintenance and update of contents you will realise them and the price of maintenance will be the one that you must pay to the lodging company Web, here we left to an article on prices and tariffs you of webpages.

You tenth this because there are many technical aspects that the gratuitous page does not go to give and a professional page yes to you, as for example a good strategy SEO. The SEO, in case you do not know it, is search engine optimization and consists of realising a series of structures, configurations and contents in your Web so that you appear possible more above in the results search of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other finders. The SEO is practically impossible to obtain in gratuitous pages because these pages make your Web of almost automatic form, that is to say, is an automated system that creates all the pages by means of parameters, something that among others affect and aggravate to the design aspects. That automatization does not allow to optimize your page for finders because the SEO work is realised specifically and manually according to the type of activity, geographic location, I publish potential, analysis of the competition, etc.

Like the SEO are other technical aspects that in a gratuitous page you are not going to be able to have and if you use one of his services you will realize that in fact is very basic services and as you are requesting more or what you are needing more increase the monthly payment to you remarkably. By all this we recommended to you that you have your professional page, that you bet by your brand and that you think that your Web is assets of your company and must be in your servant and controlled by you and if it is a WordPress page that is our recommendation, that page never remains short, you will always be able to extend it and in many occasions free.

You think that with a gratuitous page as 1—1 you can insert publicity of your clients and receive to them by that publicity? This is another one of the advantages to have your page in your servant: you decide at any moment.

What I can need for my webpage of hairdressing salon?

The sections that you are going to need are: very attractive, impressive a page home, with photos to great size and very showy colors, more down we showed different examples to you that you can like. Normally for hairdressing salons and centers of beauty usually it is used the basic black color of page because it heightens plus the style of the Web but you can choose a target or purple.

In addition to the page Home you will need a page Who we are, another one Services where you will explain the different services that your hairdressing salon offers, a section Where we are with Google Maps so that they can find your commerce easily and a form of contact.

Some hairdressing salons realise product sale in the establishment and the advantage to have a professional webpage realised in WordPress is that you can add a module to him of store for sale at any time online. As you will imagine, the enormous advantage to have a store online is that you can sell not only in your locality but to all Spain and according to the case, also abroad because you do not forget that the searches that are realised in Google are not only of people of Spain, also the rest of countries of Latin speech: all South America, the United States and Spaniards who reside by all the globe.

If you need consultant's office or direction to realise your professional webpage of hairdressing salon, with or without store online, you can contact with us, we will advise to you free of charge.

Next we showed some examples to you of groups Web that can be bought by a very economic price and they are possible to be used to create the webpage of your hairdressing salon. All this service of creation, installation and home we offer it by a price that make the rounds between 400 and 500 ‚¬ and from you you are in charge there to update the contents. These pages incorporate blog/the news, connections with social networks, them can be installed store online, a module of appointments, etc.

To enjoy!

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