If you want to sell by Internet creating your store or business online in this article we are going to give some directions to you that surely will help to take this important step you.

First that you must know clearly he is the product type that you want to sell, what I publish is the one that is going to you to buy, if you are going to sell in a single country or several, method of transport for the product delivery, how you are going to manage stock, what payment methods you try to include and to know the commissions that you must pay to banks or Paypal to fit your margin of benefit. If all this either sounds and or to you you have thought it is that your business online is mature, if on the contrary all these terms seem to you new is that still you must work your idea and exposition of business.

We can assure to you that to have your store online to sell by Internet it is a magnificent form to gain the life if you are small, as independent or a SME to you. Nothing is easy nor simple, if he were it everybody would have a store online and it is not thus.

Also it is certain that at the present time we lived a recession rather hard, the consumption has been reduced and it is not easy to sell, but we have the advantage that Internet includes all the planet and we can realise sales in our country, for example Spain and outside him, to other countries speakers of Spanish. And if we have the option to translate to English our catalogue and it lies down online we opened very many plus our market.

The good news for those people or companies that want to create their store online or business online is that gratuitous tools of electronic commerce exist. Does This mean that we can pitch a gratuitous tent online? Not exactly. The benefit that we are going to have is that a part of the project is going to be gratuitous but another part of the project is necessary to pay it to a professional who dedicates himself to the home of our store, since it is not a so easy nor evident process.

Some proprietors of businesses venture themselves to create they themselves the store online unloading tools as Prestashop, installing them and soon realising all the putting in male of the catalogue of products, rules of business, rules of shipment, etc, but most normal it is the failure in this task that is still a complex process, technical and with many obstacles to save. In addition the store online must have a good exposition SEO so that the products appear positioned well in finders with the purpose of to bring visitors.

Next we are going to you to facilitate prices and orientativas tariffs on the cost of development and maintenance of a store online:

  • Home of a basic store using Prestahop: Between 700 and 1000 ‚¬. This would include the installation, to create rules of shipment, basic methods of payment, taxonomy or structure of articles, to register 10 or 15 articles to prove and testing.
  • Web Hosting: Some 25‚¬/mes without coding of data. If you want a certificate SSL so that the connection (https) between the clients and the store is encriptada you will have to pay as some 15‚¬/mes additional.
  • Maintenance Web: If you want a product maintenance, it has supported and attendance the price can vary much based on the hours to contract, but this price can make the rounds between monthly 35 and 200 ‚¬.
  • Domain: You will need to contract to a .com domain or .es, this comes to cost about approx 20 ‚¬/a±o

You want to see an example of one of these stores of which we spoke? Here we left a connection you:

I want to sell in Internet as to create a professional store online - ejemplo1.jpg

I want to sell in Internet as to create a professional store online €“ ejemplo1.jpg

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