In this article we go to help to you to decide how it must be the webpage of your restaurant and we are going to give examples to you of webpages of restaurants and orientative prices and other recommendations that are going to you to interest if you want that your webpage of your restaurant well is positioned in Google and other finders.

If you want to create, to order or to make a webpage for a restaurant you must look for a company of development or an independent professional that carries out this task in accordance with your needs. We did not recommend to you that you use services of type to webmaker that they do the page to you with a few clicks of mouse because the result is not attractive nor professional. You do not think either that the cost to order a Web from restaurant to a developer is very elevated, we are speaking of a price that would have to make the rounds between 400 and 600 ‚¬, according to the company and functions of the Web. Here we left a connection you to an article on orientative prices of webpages.

What must have a webpage of a restaurant is a very attractive page of home with quite spectacular photographies and that show the gastronomical supply of the restaurant.

Also it is important to have the letter of the very at sight menu in your webpage of restaurant so that the visitors Web can know that plates and menus are offered.

Another necessary aspect sometimes for the webpage of a restaurant is to have a reservations system. Here we have two options: to have a contact form simply so that the users make the reserve or the request that will arrive by email or to have a reservations system more a little falsified than allows to show the hall with the tables and that the users can directly reserve the table from the Web of automatic form. By our experience the first option is simplest and effective thinking about small or medium establishments, for restaurants of great capacity the second option of automatic reserve perhaps can be interesting that could even be used by the navigators of the Web or the own personnel of the restaurant and would be solved two needs with a same tool.

For all these reasons the recommendable thing is to always go to a professional who will orient to you so that your page is very professional and is the ideal showcase for your business, we mentioned some to you of these aspects on which they must advise to you for your webpage of restaurant:

  • SEO: The positioning Web is fundamental to appear on the front page in finders. For it is necessary to know how to form the page, to write suitable key words and contained to attract visits your Web so that you have traffic and that form is easier to present to you.
  • Social networks: it is important that the contents of your Web can be used in social networks to create viralidad and that they can know you more quickly. A good developer will inform to you on the forms to connect the contents of your Web and the social networks.
  • Photographies: They are fundamental in a Web as the one of a restaurant. The best thing is to use quality photographies and to suitably treat them in Photoshop so that when showing them the user this one feels attracted by the products that are offered.
  • Google Maps, Google Places, the geolocalizaci³n is very important for businesses that base their activity in a geographic location. It is important that your page is present in these places if you want that your restaurant is found in local organic searches.
  • Form of contact: also it is very important that through your webpage they can contact with you those users who are interested in your restaurant.
  • Other special functions, as the reservations system of tables that we have mentioned before.

Next we showed some examples to you of groups Web for restaurants and cafeterias that surely you will like.

To create or to make webpage for restaurant: Formidable Restaurant

Formidable Restaurant

To create or to make webpage for restaurant: the restaurant

The Restaurant

To create or to make webpage for restaurant: delicieux


To create or to make webpage for restaurant: California