You are thinking to create your blog but you don't know how nor where? You have arrived at the suitable place. In this article we are going to tell to you what options exist and what differences it has among them, in addition we will clarify the more important technical concepts.

First that we must know clearly they are the different elements that form a blog or a webpage:

1. The domain: It is the name or URL that there is to introduce in the navigator to accede to our webpage. The more short the more easy it will be to remember it. In addition, to choose good reputation of domain can increase the SEO (search engine optimization) of our webpage. If you want to buy a domain you can do it in or

2. Hosting Web: It is the computer that is going to be ignition 24 hours to the day so that our webpage is visible. This servant must have the necessary resources: space, bandwidth in hard disk, support PHP, data base, etc. You can contract to the lodging with or

3. Tools: They are the applications necessary to create and to maintain the webpage. To them usually it is known with the name of CMS or manager of contents. The most known they are: WordPress and Joomla. These CMS are gratuitous. We recommended WordPress without doubt to you, we left a video you of general introduction to WordPress here that can interest to you.

4. Content: It is all the information of text and images that you are going to create in your Web: articles of blog, the news, pages (who we are, services, contact, etc).

Having explained this now you must know that two forms exist to create a blog: in a gratuitous platform or an individual servant.

To create a blog in a gratuitous platform

It consists of creating a blog in a portal massive and gratuitous Web as,, This type of portals offers the domain to you, the lodging and the tools, you only must order to you of the content.


  • Gratuitous service in its basic version and if you want certain personalisation you must pay.
  • Hosting already including. You be not worried of all referring to the Web server, files, data bases, bandwidth, resources, etc. Is very difficult that this type of servers falls or is attacked, rarely usually one interrupts the service.
  • It is not necessary a developer to create the blog, it you can do you yourself of fast form, choosing group and other options of configuration. In some precise case yes you will need to go to a technician, also depends on your knowledge and facility on handling with tools Web.


  • The URL of your blog is long and difficult to remember because it is a subdomain or area code of the main domain, for example: If you want to change the URL so that it does not contain the name of the platform and it remains in in some sites you can do it and in others it is necessary to pay, but normally is possible to do it.
  • The SEO takes in a good one divides it the platform that you are using, especially if your domain contains the name of the platform. The blogs increase to the cache and recognition of the platform because they receive thousands of respective visits of his microblogs.
  • The group designs usually are very sparing, do not have great elaboration.
  • You cannot install other designs of group or subjects for your blog, you must choose one of the groups that they have there.
  • You cannot install plugins or additional components, this usually is restricted enough.
  • You cannot to size add special functions to your blog by means of programming.
  • You cannot create all the accounts of e-mail that you want, normally give one you or they force to you to that you have an email with gmail or similar.
  • When not having the 100% of the control of your blog because you are in a rent platform, you cannot insert commercial spots. In the gratuitous modality of the inserted platform publicity in your blog, you must accept likes it or no.
  • A telephone does not exist to which to call if you have problems, normally works everything through email, FAQS, in some cases only in English.
  • You are at the expense of the changes of commercial and publishing policy of the platform, for example, if a day they begin to acquire the gratuitous services. This type of things happens sometimes when these platforms are bought or absorbed by great companies as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.
  • If a day you want to change to a customized domain own ( the SEO that you have obtained until that moment will be affected, even making a redireccionamiento of old to the new domain, that is to say, redireccionamiento of to

To create a blog in an individual servant engaged by me

This option is the best one if you want freedom on your blog, to extend it when you need it, to insert your publicity, you will have the absolute control on your Web. What it happens is that the home is more complex than in the case of the gratuitous platforms, it is necessary to always go to a developer so that it installs the tools and it makes your Web, if you need help in this sense contacts with us.

In order to create a blog by your account you need to buy a domain, to contract a lodging and to install the blog tools. From you will be able there to create the content for your blog.


  • Freedom and absolute control on your Web, everything depends on you, nonDAS explanations to anybody.
  • You can choose any design or soles for your Web, are really exceptional designs that will enchant to you, throws a look to our catalogue.
  • Nonpayments more by the extensions than you realise in your Web. Many options of extension are gratuitous.
  • If you need that a programmer does something special in your Web will be able to do it because he will have access to the files of the tools.
  • You administer the publicity in your Web.
  • The obtained SEO is completely for you, for your brand and company.
  • Yes a telephone to which exists to call in case of problems.
  • You can extend space in hard disk if you need it, to have infinity of e-mails.
  • If a lodging company works bad you can change to another one with relative facility, you are not chained to a supplier.


  • You need to go to a developer since the home is a process enough technician.
  • The home costs money (more down we left an article you with orientative prices).

Here we left a connection you to another article where we mentioned prices and orientativas tariffs for creation of blogs and webpages in individual servers.