The main utility to create a company blog is to publicize products and services that are offer by means of the interaction with the users of the page.

A blog is the best tool than it exists to harness the SEO of your page, that is to say, search engine optimization. Pon a blog in your page and you will see little at least are increasing to the visits and in this way the possibilities of catching new clients.

The main motivation of a blog must be the quality article publication, that is of interest for the visitors. Don't mention it serves to publish catalogue of my company, 2 — 1, supplies, promotions, because the so direct publicity is not going to interest my users, first I must gain his confidence and empathy by means of the utility article creation.

The reason that the blog positions very well in finders is that they act as an encyclopedia, full a text article set and keywords that are the favorite food of the finders. For that reason the volume is important, whatever more articles greater amount and variety of traffic we will be able to capture.

If you have a company or business and you want to promote it in Internet with an advertising investment that never disappears bet by a blog. Any standard advertising formula will allow you to have visibility in Internet while you are paying, but at the moment that you stop paying you will disappear. For that reason always we advised to the companies, independent and SMEs generally that bet by a blog, because although it requires many working hours is a gratuitous advertising formula that does not vanish. It is as being in a rent house or having it in property.

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