Design of webpages in Madrid

If you are initiating a business online in Madrid and need price for a professional Web Hosting, with a design attractive and elegant Web, with design responsive, optimized for positioning SEO in finders you are in the suitable place. A webpage will make you sell more and will be your better commercial one.

If on the contrary already you have webpage is the moment for renewing it, to adapt it to a design present Web, to optimize it for mobiles and devices.

Although we are a company of webpages of Madrid we give service to companies of all Spain.

Design Web

We realise tens of webpages of all type for businesses and companies of Madrid. The more habitual developments and works are:

  • Design Web. We make professional designs for webpages, or corporative or a blog. We can make a creative, simple, classic design, adapted to any thematic one of any company or business of Madrid. More information.
  • Maintenance of webpages. We watch and we took care of your website, updates, security, solve doubts and incidences, outside problems. More information.
  • To repair or to fix websites. If your page has stopped working contacts with us, we can repair it. More information.
  • To update and to renew your webpage. If you want to change the design of your page, to renew it, to give a new and modern air him, or simply to update content. More information.
  • To accelerate your website. Does Your page go slow? There are diverse factors that influence in it: images, configuration of Apache, configuration of the servant, we know to solve it.




A simple business card in Internet. One home with a text of your company, some photo, a map and a form, why you want more?

  • Realised in WordPress and Divi.
  • Self-managementable by you.
  • Expandable
  • Apt for positioning SEO



Webpage for companies and businesses of all type, does not concern the thematic one. Elegant and enterprise design. With 6 sections: Home, who we are, contact, etc.

  • Realised in WordPress and Divi.
  • Self-managementable by you.
  • 6 sections
  • Apt for positioning SEO


Budget to size

Page completely to size. Design creative Web. The objective is to make an impression, to emphasize completely of the competition.

  • Realised in WordPress and Divi.
  • Self-managementable by you.
  • Design customized Web, to size.
  • By and for positioning SEO


TARIFF 149 Euros


it prices price design premium Web

Web Landing, simple and effective.



it prices price design premium Web

Enterprise Web, elegant, serious, corporative design. Apt for any type of SME, business or activity.



it prices price design premium Web

Parallax Hallucinates with this magnificent design Web with programming 3D!

Services of design Web

Has Your webpage remained obsolete? We realise a design professional Web for your company, elegant and creative so that your website sells more. Our services of design include so much the creativity Web, model-making HTML/CSS, unlimited hosting, the photographic treatment and the design of the logo if not yet you have it. This solution is best for SMEs and the small businesses.

If you already have webpage is the moment for renewing

We can make precise improvements in the design of your Web, complete changes of design, redesign Web oriented to another different style, very concrete personalisations, updates of content, improvements of style and design, add new functions, etc.

WordPress specialists

We are specialistic WordPress, very known in Spain to have created plugins officials as the Adviser of Cookies or the one of Maintenance Web. As WordPress gets hold of we realised design Web, repairs, WordPress maintenance and updates, disinfection of virus, malware and hackeos. If you need a designer or WordPress agency in Madrid or any other place of Spain contacts with us, very few can say that they are specialistic WordPress. The most habitual tasks are:

  • Changes of WordPress design. If you want to make adjustments in the design or to change theme.
  • Woocommerce personalisations. If you want to add a field in the form of discharge of client, or a new function in the cart, to generate invoices in pdf, etc.
  • WordPress repairs. Any problem of operation that you have, we analyzed it and solve.
  • Hackeos, disinfections, elimination of WordPress virus. Many hackeadas Webs arrive to us, with malware, damaged virus or files. If you want a definitive solution to these problems of security requests help to us.
  • To optimize the speed of your WordPress webpage. Leave it in our hands and we will cause that it flies literally. We apply improvements of speed to internal level, concerning plugins, different levels of cache, specific of the servant, everything adapted exclusively to your webpage.

WordPress maintenance

We offer a professional and specialized maintenance service WordPress. We were in charge to safely make the updates of your WordPress, plugins, theme, without surprises nor collateral damages, being created a restoration point in case something fails. We update content if you need it, we maintain to ray the virus, hackers, zero problems. Consultation our prices of WordPress maintenance.

WordPress Madrid

We are WordPress agency that we offer services in Madrid and rest of Spain, as much in the localities of the Community as in capital Madrid. We only realise WordPress formation for companies, as much remote actual formation as in one to one. As agency that we are also we realised WordPress developments by means of adaptation of themes, creation of plugins to size and by all means professional and customized WordPress design.

More information.

It soles Divi for WordPress

All the webpages that we developed are done with Divi. This magnificent WordPress group has a very modern, elegant design and has a visual constructor very easy to use. As specialistic Divi we adapted its design to any thematic one: fashionable architecture, lawyers, companies of reforms, stores online, etc. If you work with us you will not pay license, you will save 90‚¬/a±o.

WordPress security

If you have a problem of malware in your WordPress, or virus, or a hackeo and your Web have stopped working we can help you. We can make a disinfection or cleaning of virus in your page, I scan WordPress periodic so that they do not return to enter the intruders.

Stores online

We know better than nobody the restlessness and needs many small businesses that sell in Internet. We have helped many to create its store online. If you have a small business and you want to sell by Internet do it the sooner, you do not let pass a good opportunity. We design your store online, we start up it and we go to your side to advise day to day, to give you support and that you don't mention it does not need in the management of your store. You manage it, we we helped you.

Texts optimized for positioning SEO

Everybody does not know the importance of the text to position a webpage in Google. It leaves us we write up the text of your webpage, will be optimized to position in finders, we will emphasize the phrases nails excellent, we will make the labelling, we will take care of all the technical aspects, URLs, robots, sitemap, etc.


We realise tens of adaptations of webpages to the protection of data. Revision of forms, trazabilidad of the same by means of IP, squares of verification, warning and audit of cookies. We adapt your webpage so that you do not have legal problems. You meet our Adviser Cookies for WordPress?

Positioning SEO in finders

We design thought webpages to position. As much the group, internal configuration, the lodging that we provided to you, everything is oriented to that your webpage positions as well as possible in Google. Optimization of labels, I put, discharge in Google, analysis of the competition, local SEO, strategy of link building, we were in charge of everything. Consultation our prices, requests budget.

Domains, hosting, corporative mail what complicated!

To register a domain, to contract hosting or lodging, to install your WordPress webpage, to create accounts of corporative mail, to form Outlook, we were in charge of everything, are to help you. For companies of Madrid and rest of Spain.

Maintenance Web Madrid

We realise maintenance of webpages in Madrid and the rest of Spain, for clients who want to take care of and to update their website. We watch your webpage at any moment, we detected falls, we applied an extreme security, we avoided virus, hackeos, we make daily backup copies, update of content and we give a customized telephone support you of great quality. Everything what you need so that your business does not stop in Internet and by hand have your experts of confidence.

More information.

Basic maintenance, Professional Maintenance, Advanced Maintenance

Hosting in dedicated servers

We offer lodging to our clients of maintenance. Anyone is not a lodging, is not typical hosting shared saturated and low COST, are servers dedicated and administered by us to the 100%, optimized for WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla. All the clients who have arrived have experienced an improvement between a 20% and a 60% of increase in speed.

We like to help

My name is Carlos Doral, I am designer Web and WordPress programmer with several plugins published officials, consultant SEO, with 20 years of experience developing Webs.

We to size approach projects for small businesses, companies that begin, independent and SMEs of all type and size. As much I eat my I equip we are to help you and to solve technical problems, to give fresh air you, to share new ideas, to cause that your business takes off in Internet. He knows our equipment.

What we are in Ecs-Technology

  • Designers Web.
  • WordPress designers.
  • Programmers PHP, MySQL, Javascript.
  • Maquetadores HTML/CSS.
  • Consultants SEO.
  • Administrators Linux, Plesk and Web servers.

The subjects on which they ask to us more

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